Tom’s Paving serves the following counties: Gloucester, Mathews, York, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, James City, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Middlesex, Northumberland, Petersburg, and some of the surrounding counties.

Gravel:  Tom’s Paving can install many different types of gravel available in our area.  The crew preps the area for new gravel, lays the gravel for you and grades for drainage using equipment and hand tools.

Asphalt Paving: Whether you are a business owner, church, HOA, or a residential customer we are capable of paving a quality job for you!  We have the equipment necessary to prep and install asphalt according to industry standards.  We get our asphalt materials from a State approved plant that makes VDOT approved asphalt.  Check the FAQ page to see our typical asphalt thickness.

Seal coating:  Tom’s Paving has been providing seal coating services since March 2007 in Gloucester VA.  The asphalt to be sealed is cleaned using high powered blowers, power brush, brooms, and other hand tools.  At times, the grass that grows along the edges of asphalt is also cut back using hand tools.  Tom’s Paving has two different seal coating spray units.  One unit sprays oil-based sealant (usually a superior gilsonite sealer) that works as a rejuvenator and provides protection to asphalt and dries to a beautiful black glossy surface.  The other unit sprays a water-based asphalt sealant that replenishes the binder that is lost through weathering and aging, and provides superior protection against environmental distress.  This sealant (usually MasterSeal, which is a greener version of coal tar) dries to a flat blackish color.  Both sealants restore color to asphalt and enhances the appearance of your property.  The type of sealant would depend on the existing surface, personal preference, and other factors that would be determined on a site visit by the estimator.

Crack Filling:  To fill cracks, the crew uses tools that are designed to remove dirt, grass, and other debris from the cracks.  The areas are cleaned and prepped for the hot tar.  The tar comes in blocks, is melted in a hot tar box, and is applied on the cracks.  This part of maintenance is important as it creates a barrier to keep water from getting under the asphalt and weakening it.

Asphalt Milling:  We use asphalt planing equipment that grinds the asphalt down to the specified depth.  This is useful when working on projects that are getting an overlay.  To meet the current concrete joints, handicap ramps, entrances/exits, and other areas milling is essential in providing a quality overlay job.  The material removed (RAP) is taken to an asphalt plant that will run the material through their recycling plant.

Patching/Pot hole repair:  Coming soon!!

Residential Driveways

  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Gravel Driveways
  • Private Lanes & HOA
  • Asphalt Repair (patching & crack filling)
  • Seal Coating

Commercial/Parking Lots

  • Parking Lot Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Repair (patching & crack filling)
  • Asphalt Milling
  • Asphalt Overlays (resurfacing)
  • Seal Coating
  • Line Striping and Signage


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